Thanksgiving Placecards

These were super easy to make and they turned out really cute! You just need a pack of feathers and some alphabet stickers for the name and a wishbone for the holder. You could get even more creative and paint the wishbone, add some glitter, or use different colored feathers!


Dallas at Forty-five Weeks

I mustache you a question. 

Dallas playing in his new tee-pee.

Painting his pumpkin.

Enjoying some lemonade at the pumpkin patch!


Dallas and Lilly bein' cute!

Mommy and Dallas at the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch

Forty-five Weeks (Dressed up as Bam-Bam for a costume party)

Daddy's re-enlistment ceremony.

Daddy and Dallas.

Click here to watch a video of Dallas bein' goofy! 

Pumpkin Ideas

I just thought I'd share the pumpkins that I painted with y'all! We decided to paint instead of carve this year because in Hawaii a carved pumpkin only lasts like three days lol It turned out to be much easier than carving anyway so that was a plus! I just used acrylic paint, sharpies, stencils, and ribbons for embelishment. I think they turned out adorable and I will definitely be painting my pumpkins from now on!