Dallas at Seventeen Weeks

My sweet baby has changed so much this week! He has been eating solid foods regularly,  he rolled over for the first time (click here to watch video), he laughed, he went into the ocean, and he's started making new sounds and faces!

We had his four month appointment on Wednesday and found out that his weight is really low. He weighs 12.4 lbs and is only in the 10th percentile. I have increased his feedings throughout the day and the doc also suggested that I start giving him rice cereal. I am not too worried about it, but we have another appointment in a few weeks to make sure he's putting on weight.

We have really enjoyed watching Dallas learn and try new things this week and we can't wait to see what he'll do next!


Dallas at Four Months

Little man is four months old today and we celebrated by feeding him his first meal! He had pureed peas and he seemed to enjoy it! Here is a video we took.

He is getting so strong and is on the verge of sitting up and rolling over.

He smiles so much but we still have not heard a laugh.

He does not like being alone one bit. When we put him in his crib at night he gets really fussy if we leave the room, however, if we stay and go to bed he is fine!

He has a new found love for his swing. I had never used the sound on it before but I turned on the "ocean wave" sound and it put him right to sleep. Now it is so much easier to get him to nap and he stays asleep longer.

He LOVES the water! His daddy gives him a bath every night and I swear it's his favorite part of the day! I filled up the bath tub this week for him to play in and I just floated him around and let him play with the water. He had a great time!

Ben and I are so in love with him and we are enjoying each and every minute we have with him! He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us!


Cheap Easter Decor

I just wanted to do a quick post explaining how to decorate a table top for under $5 for Easter. I wasn't even going to decorate for Easter this year, but I was inspired by the props from Dallas' photo shoot (see Easter Pictures post). I bought the green plastic grass and plastic eggs at Target. The grass was $1.50 and the eggs were $1.00. They had lot's of other fun, bright colors that you could use as well. The candle holders are just spaghetti sauce jars with the labels peeled off. I then filled them with water and added a drop of blue food coloring. I had some tea light holders that fit perfectly in the top of the jars and I used battery operated tea lights for effect. Finally, I printed out one of Dallas' Easter pictures and put it in a frame I already had. And there ya have it! For less than five bucks, a beautifully decorated Easter table!

Must Read for Mommas: Instagram Shops

Alright mommas, if you thought you had a shopping problem before, just wait until I introduce you to the world of Instagram (IG) shops! I seriously have bought something new for Dallas almost everyday for the past few weeks! It is an obsession! So, it works like this, you follow these shops via your IG account and they post new, used, or handmade goodies. If you see an item you like, you leave your Paypal email address and if you're first you get the item! The seller then invoices you through Paypal. Once you've paid, the seller will ship the item to you.

Shopping through IG shops is like thrifting for the 21st century! You can find great deals on brand name clothing without leaving the comforts of your home. I am going to explain step by step how to sign up for Paypal and IG and I will list some of my favorite shops as well as post pictures of some of the great items I've received so far! I will explain some of the abbreviations that these shops may use and I will also explain some of the policies.

1. Sign up for a Paypal account. You can add your bank account and credit card in order to pay for your goods. They also offer a service called Bill Me Later which is a line of credit that you can use to pay for your purchases. Just be careful with Bill Me Later because the interest rates are very high.

2. Create an IG account. You can download IG to your phone or tablet and there is also a web version. If you are new to IG you can click here to learn more about it.

3. Start following the shops you are interested in. To start you off I will list all of the shops that I follow and what kind of items they have. There are a lot, but it's nice to have a variety! Most of the shops I follow are primarily selling baby/toddler clothing, but keep in mind that there are shops out there for adult clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc. You just have to explore a little!

@laineshair_accessories_more (boys & girls)
@atinyarrowscloset (girls)
@worn_withlove (boys & girls)
@dougls_threads (boys & mommas)
@noahsarkcloset (boys & girls)
@denimloversetc (boys, girls & mommas)
@inspiredbytess (boys & girls)
@theurbanowl (boys & girls)
@little_kings_closet (boys)
@raineanmonet (girls)
@weepereaspopupshop (boys & girls)
@tinytoshop (boys & girls)
@traceandalexscloset (boys & mommas)
@carterscloset (boys)
@2boys1closet (boys)
@thebearswear (boys, girls & mommas)
@thevidocollection (boys & girls)
@untamedcloset (boys, girls & mommas)
@ottoandadelaide (boys & girls)
@emersonscloset (boys)
@thebestclosetever (boys, girls & mommas)
@dudsforlittlestuds (boys)
@kingsklothz (boys & girls)
@lovedbyhannahandeli (boys & girls)
@hazelandgray (boys, girls & mommas)
@babylovesclothes (boys & girls)
@jet_leo_preloved (boys)
@chickenandcharlie (boys & girls)
@cecillola (boys & girls)
@2ndchanceglamz_things (boys & mommas)
@landonsthreads (boys & mommas)
@baby_couture25 (boys, girls & mommas)
@ohdearboutique (boys)
@shopstyledbykarli (boys & girls)
@punky_mac (boys)
@little_ones_clothing (boys, girls & mommas)
@emersonsemporium (boys & girls)
@seedsandsprouts (boys & girls)
@liams_wardrobe (boys)
@littleeloise (boys & girls)
@penelopescloset (boys & girls)
@dravenandbrixtonapproved (boys & girls)
@olliemamashop (boys & mommas)
@loved_by_p_and_k (boys, girls & mommas)
@lilcharliesgear (boys & girls)
@babylegslove (boys & girls)
@spoiledkidscloset (boys, girls & mommas)
@3littlebirdscloset (boys & mommas)
@mamasbuyselltrade (boys & girls)
@buybearandbuggy (boys & girls)
@milesshop (boys, girls & mommas)
@mybabyelvis (boys, girls & mommas)
@lennons_closet (boys, girls & mommas)
@oliverscloset (boys)
@previously_bostons2 (boys)
@shoplittleacorn (boys & girls)
@kingstonsshop (boys)
@littlehawks_closet (boys)
@londons_shop (boys & mommas)
@bracelandzoom (boys & mommas)
@prestons_laundry (boys, girls & mommas)
@caydenandchloes_closet (boys & girls)
@theslyfoxfinds (boys, girls & mommas)
@maxandmilosshop (boys)
@karterandcash (boys)
@riversthings (boys, girls & mommas)
@tallens_closet (boys, girls & mommas)
@maxs_closet (boys)
@lbscloset (boys & girls)
@braxtonscloset (boys & girls)
@2boysclothes (boys)
@forestandfawn (boys, girls & mommas)
@shoparchyboys (boys)
@seviscloset (boys)
@stathiscloset (boys)
@mybabys_closet (boys & girls)
@dapperduds (boys, girls & mommas)
@thedappermister (boys & girls)
@shopthewildthings (boys)
@mykidskicks (boys, girls & mommas)
@gentlyworn (boys)

4. Browse through shops. When you find an item you would like to purchase, leave the email address you used to set up your Paypal account in the comments section. Always make sure you browse through the comments to make sure that an item is still available. Some shops will delete sold items, but others do not. Also make sure you read each shops policy on additional fees. Some will charge extra for shipping and Paypal fees, others include everything in the stated price. Of course, you can always ask questions if you need more information on an item. Sometimes IG shops use abbreviations in their descriptions. Listed below are a few different abbreviations and their meanings:

NWT=New with tags
NWOT=New without tags
EUC=Excellent used condition
ISO=In search of
IMO=In my opinion

5. The seller will invoice you. You should get a notice via email that the seller has invoiced you, you can click on the link in your email to pay the invoice. It will take you to the Paypal website where you will be prompted to pay the agreed upon amount. The IG shop name is usually different than the sellers Paypal name so keep track of the items you have purchased. For instance, you may make a purchase from @jcloset but when he invoices you through Paypal it shows as John Smith. Just know what items you have agreed to purchase and how much you agreed to purchase them for so you can match them up with your invoices. Many IG shops require that you pay your invoices within 24 hours so make sure you get it paid as soon as you can.

6. The seller will ship your purchased items. Expect to see your items within a week or so, unless otherwise specified.

Some extra little tidbits: IG shops have sales sometimes so just keep an eye out for price reductions. You can show your favorite shops love by sharing their pictures and tagging them. You can also take pictures of the items you've purchased and tag the shops you purchased them from and use the hash tag #igshoplove

I am hoping to set up my own shop pretty soon so I will do a post about starting an IG shop then!
If anybody has any questions or would like to suggest some more shops please comment below.

Here are some of my great finds:



Amy Coe




Easter Pictures

I wanted to get this post up sooner, but between chores around the house and Dallas I haven't had a chance to! Daddy is watching Dallas now so I can pound this out real quick!

I wanted to do something slightly different than what everyone else typically does for an Easter picture. You know what I'm talking about, the bunny ears, baby in an Easter basket, a little bunny tail on the butt, etc. While those are all adorable ideas I wanted to do something a little more out of the ordinary. My friend Cathryn gave me the idea to use the green plastic grass and Easter eggs, I found the bow tie and tie at Target in the dollar section as well as the stuffed bunny, and my mom bought the green 'D' egg at Kmart. I used my white shag rug as a backdrop and put a white sheet over the top of Dallas' bouncer to lay him in. Then from there, I just played around with different arrangements and placements of my props. I am honestly surprised at how many of the pictures turned out. He did not like the plastic grass at all! He was either trying to eat it, or crying because it made his back itchy! Somehow I managed to get a few good shots though!

Mom, what is this stuff?!

The paci was the only way I could keep him calm for a little while!

Mmm yummy fingers!


Dallas at Fifteen Weeks

My little guy is growing so much! He is still not very chunky but he is SO long! We have his four month check up on the 26th and I can't wait to see how much he has grown! He is getting so close to being able to roll over on his own and he's been spending a lot of time in his Bumbo building up that torso strength! This week he had fun playing with my Nutrigrain Bar wrappers and a few water bottles. I swear he's more into trash than his toys! He was absolutely fascinated by the noise the wrapper made. He has also had fun being outside and watching his puppies!
Here he is at Fifteen Weeks:
Love you little monkey ♥


Liebster Award

Thank you Angie at Keith & Angie for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I enjoyed reading through your post and was thrilled to see my blog nominated at the end!

The Rules:
1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to next.
3. Choose new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

11 Random Facts:
1. Ben and I were married at an AAFES food court, in front of the Burger King, by a Jedi Minister. Ben had proposed on Valentine's day and a few weeks later we found out that he would be re-stationed to Korea for a year. Instead of waiting to get married until he got back we decided to do it before he left. He found a minister online and we got our marriage papers from the courthouse. We met the minister who ended up being a Jedi Minister (Yes, Jedi, as in Star Wars, there is a religion based off of Star Wars lol) at the food court and he signed the papers. My best friend Courtney and Ben's friend Josh came as witnesses. Almost a year and a half later we had a beautiful ceremony where our friends and family celebrated with us! Side-note: My husband is totally embarrassed that I put this story on here! I think it's a cute unique story, but he is just straight up embarrassed about it!

2. My biggest dream is to own horses someday. I've been around horses most of my life, and I think they are the most beautiful creatures in the entire world! I really hope to have at least one horse within the next 5 years. I really want Dallas and our future children to grow up around horses and other animals!

3. I am a self-proclaimed "Chameleon." I have such a wide variety of interests and many different groups of friends. I could be a hippie, a rocker, and a preppy fashionista all in the same day! I just kind of blend in wherever I go!

4. When I was about 18 months old I was severely burned on a merry-go-round. My shins hit the merry-go-round and I just sort of melted onto it. I screamed and my mom got to me as soon as she could, she loaded me up in the stroller and took me back to my grandparents house. They realized that is was bad and took me to the hospital. I ended up having third degree burns and spent a few weeks in a burn center. I still have faint white scars on my legs today.

5. I had my first kiss in 5th grade and I was absolutely terrified that I was going to get arrested for kissing a boy!

6. I love skulls! I'm talking cute, diamond encrusted, colorful, pretty skulls not the other kind! I have a sugar skull tattoo on my back, plenty of skull decor throughout my house, skull shirts, and countless skull accessories. It's kind of an obsession!

7. I am an extremely picky eater. I blend tomato sauce and salsa before eating it because I hate "chunkies." If there is something I don't like in a meal I will carefully make sure that I pick every last bit of it out. If it can't be picked out or blended up then I won't eat it! Luckily my husband is the same way so he's all for my crazy picking and blending! It's going to be hard to expose Dallas to the foods that we dislike, just because I never buy them, but I am going to try my best!

8. I secretly can't wait to leave Hawaii. I absolutely love it here, don't get me wrong, but I miss living on the mainland! I miss snow, I miss long road-trips, I miss countless restaurants and stores, I miss gas being under $4.00, and most of all I miss my family and friends. It really is beautiful here and I know that I am lucky to have been able to live here, but three years is a long time to be stuck on an island!

9. Even though I can be a girly girl at times I love gettin' down and dirty as well! I love camping, hiking, mudding, and 4-wheeling; I do yard work, shoot guns, and know how to operate power tools. I kind of have an "Anything you can do, I can do better" thing goin' on!

10. I am obsessed with pizza! I could eat it for every meal, every day, and in fact did for a few months while working at Pizza Hut. You know how they say, when you work at a food place you get burnt out on the food? Not true. I worked at Pizza Hut as a waitress for about 3 years and it was the greatest thing ever! I got to take home free pizza all of the time! I don't eat near as much pizza as I did while working at the Hut, but I still eat it at least once a week!

11. I can drink beer like a man! I could easily drink 15-20 beers in a night, and have on many occasions! I thought my tolerance would be lowered after not drinking throughout my pregnancy, but I can still out-drink my husband! I don't drink near as much as I used to, (mostly because I am breastfeeding) but occasionally on the weekends, after the baby is asleep I will enjoy a beer or two...or ten lol

11 Questions From Angie:

1. What's your favorite holiday and why?
I've always loved Thanksgiving because it is a time to spend with family, being thankful for all that you have.

2. What would you do with 10 million dollars?
As much as I would love to go crazy with it, I would have my husband buzzing in my ear about saving it and paying off our debts. So after putting half of it in savings and paying off our debts, I would buy a big open property and build my dream house with a barn and stables. I would buy all kinds of animals to fill my farm and a nice fancy trailer and lifted F-350 dually pick-up truck to pull it with. I would give all of my family member $50,000 each to spend on whatever they wanted to. Then I would spend the rest of my life shopping and traveling whenever I wanted to!

3. If you could only shop at one store for baby clothes, what store would it be?
That's a tough one! It would either be Old Navy or Target, they both have really good boy clothes!

4. If you could visit one city in the world just for a day, which one would you visit?
Paris. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower!

5. What's your dream job?
I would like to have my own business. I would have my own clothing line and I would also sell my husbands art.

6. If your husband/significant other could nominate you for a 'senior superlative'-- you know, those things you voted for in High School, i.e. 'Best Dressed', 'Best Eyes', 'Most Likely to Succeed' etc, what do you think they'd pick?
I just asked Ben what he would nominate me for and he said either, "Most Charismatic," "Most Beautiful," or "Most Likely to Succeed." I would have guessed that he would nominate me for, "Best Smile" or "Best Eyes."

7. Most addicting/Favorite Phone app?
PicsArt. It is a photo editing app and I use it almost everyday!

8. Which food/drink do you always have in the house?
We always have shredded cheese in the house. Everything is better with cheese!

9. What do you love most about parenting?
I love watching Dallas grow and change every day. I swear he does something different every single day, and when I pick him up from his crib in the morning I just get so excited thinking about what will be different that day!

10. You are stranded on a deserted island with 5 people. Which 5 would you want there and why?
I would want my husband there to keep me grounded. My best friend Courtney so I could still have a good time! Bear Grylls so that we could eventually find our way home. And finally Phil and Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty because he can hunt and she knows how to cook.

11. What's your favorite thing about blogging?
So far I just like being able to put my thoughts and ideas out there. I can't wait to have more followers so that I can hear there thoughts and ideas as well!

My Questions for the Nominees
1. Where is your favorite place to eat?
2. Where is your favorite place to shop?
3. What do you hope people get from your blog?
4. How did you feel when you first started your blog?
5. Do you have any tattoos? If not, do you want to someday?
6. What is your favorite thing to do with your child/children?
7. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
8. Name one thing that you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.
9. Describe your style.
10. Do you have any nicknames for your child/children? If so, what are they? And is there a reason you call your child that?
11. Where do you most feel at home?

And the Nominees Are:
Cora at Miles, Papa, and Me
Ashley at Fifty Five Below

Jessica, Katie, Cora, and Ashley I came to follow all of your blogs via your Instagram or Instagram  Shops! I can't wait to read all of your responses!


St. Patrick's Day Pictures

I could not wait to post these!! I had so much fun taking these pictures today! In addition to Dallas's weekly pictures I also do holiday pictures. I try to come up with fun, holiday themed ideas that are easy to do. It's another fun way to watch your kids grow! As Dallas gets older I hope we can have fun doing these pictures together!

Baby Updates

So one of the things I would like to do on a weekly basis is baby updates. I already share these with my family and friends and I have been doing them ever since Dallas was born. Every Saturday I do a mini photo shoot with him and then I put my favorite pictures together in a photo collage with the week number. I think this is a really fun way to watch your baby grow and to look back on how much he/she has changed! I plan on doing this with Dallas, weekly, for the first year and then monthly after that.To catch y'all up I will post weeks 1-14 and then I will continue with week 15 next Saturday!

Here's my handsome little man: