Dallas at Four Months

Little man is four months old today and we celebrated by feeding him his first meal! He had pureed peas and he seemed to enjoy it! Here is a video we took.

He is getting so strong and is on the verge of sitting up and rolling over.

He smiles so much but we still have not heard a laugh.

He does not like being alone one bit. When we put him in his crib at night he gets really fussy if we leave the room, however, if we stay and go to bed he is fine!

He has a new found love for his swing. I had never used the sound on it before but I turned on the "ocean wave" sound and it put him right to sleep. Now it is so much easier to get him to nap and he stays asleep longer.

He LOVES the water! His daddy gives him a bath every night and I swear it's his favorite part of the day! I filled up the bath tub this week for him to play in and I just floated him around and let him play with the water. He had a great time!

Ben and I are so in love with him and we are enjoying each and every minute we have with him! He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us!

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