Must Read for Mommas: Instagram Shops

Alright mommas, if you thought you had a shopping problem before, just wait until I introduce you to the world of Instagram (IG) shops! I seriously have bought something new for Dallas almost everyday for the past few weeks! It is an obsession! So, it works like this, you follow these shops via your IG account and they post new, used, or handmade goodies. If you see an item you like, you leave your Paypal email address and if you're first you get the item! The seller then invoices you through Paypal. Once you've paid, the seller will ship the item to you.

Shopping through IG shops is like thrifting for the 21st century! You can find great deals on brand name clothing without leaving the comforts of your home. I am going to explain step by step how to sign up for Paypal and IG and I will list some of my favorite shops as well as post pictures of some of the great items I've received so far! I will explain some of the abbreviations that these shops may use and I will also explain some of the policies.

1. Sign up for a Paypal account. You can add your bank account and credit card in order to pay for your goods. They also offer a service called Bill Me Later which is a line of credit that you can use to pay for your purchases. Just be careful with Bill Me Later because the interest rates are very high.

2. Create an IG account. You can download IG to your phone or tablet and there is also a web version. If you are new to IG you can click here to learn more about it.

3. Start following the shops you are interested in. To start you off I will list all of the shops that I follow and what kind of items they have. There are a lot, but it's nice to have a variety! Most of the shops I follow are primarily selling baby/toddler clothing, but keep in mind that there are shops out there for adult clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc. You just have to explore a little!

@laineshair_accessories_more (boys & girls)
@atinyarrowscloset (girls)
@worn_withlove (boys & girls)
@dougls_threads (boys & mommas)
@noahsarkcloset (boys & girls)
@denimloversetc (boys, girls & mommas)
@inspiredbytess (boys & girls)
@theurbanowl (boys & girls)
@little_kings_closet (boys)
@raineanmonet (girls)
@weepereaspopupshop (boys & girls)
@tinytoshop (boys & girls)
@traceandalexscloset (boys & mommas)
@carterscloset (boys)
@2boys1closet (boys)
@thebearswear (boys, girls & mommas)
@thevidocollection (boys & girls)
@untamedcloset (boys, girls & mommas)
@ottoandadelaide (boys & girls)
@emersonscloset (boys)
@thebestclosetever (boys, girls & mommas)
@dudsforlittlestuds (boys)
@kingsklothz (boys & girls)
@lovedbyhannahandeli (boys & girls)
@hazelandgray (boys, girls & mommas)
@babylovesclothes (boys & girls)
@jet_leo_preloved (boys)
@chickenandcharlie (boys & girls)
@cecillola (boys & girls)
@2ndchanceglamz_things (boys & mommas)
@landonsthreads (boys & mommas)
@baby_couture25 (boys, girls & mommas)
@ohdearboutique (boys)
@shopstyledbykarli (boys & girls)
@punky_mac (boys)
@little_ones_clothing (boys, girls & mommas)
@emersonsemporium (boys & girls)
@seedsandsprouts (boys & girls)
@liams_wardrobe (boys)
@littleeloise (boys & girls)
@penelopescloset (boys & girls)
@dravenandbrixtonapproved (boys & girls)
@olliemamashop (boys & mommas)
@loved_by_p_and_k (boys, girls & mommas)
@lilcharliesgear (boys & girls)
@babylegslove (boys & girls)
@spoiledkidscloset (boys, girls & mommas)
@3littlebirdscloset (boys & mommas)
@mamasbuyselltrade (boys & girls)
@buybearandbuggy (boys & girls)
@milesshop (boys, girls & mommas)
@mybabyelvis (boys, girls & mommas)
@lennons_closet (boys, girls & mommas)
@oliverscloset (boys)
@previously_bostons2 (boys)
@shoplittleacorn (boys & girls)
@kingstonsshop (boys)
@littlehawks_closet (boys)
@londons_shop (boys & mommas)
@bracelandzoom (boys & mommas)
@prestons_laundry (boys, girls & mommas)
@caydenandchloes_closet (boys & girls)
@theslyfoxfinds (boys, girls & mommas)
@maxandmilosshop (boys)
@karterandcash (boys)
@riversthings (boys, girls & mommas)
@tallens_closet (boys, girls & mommas)
@maxs_closet (boys)
@lbscloset (boys & girls)
@braxtonscloset (boys & girls)
@2boysclothes (boys)
@forestandfawn (boys, girls & mommas)
@shoparchyboys (boys)
@seviscloset (boys)
@stathiscloset (boys)
@mybabys_closet (boys & girls)
@dapperduds (boys, girls & mommas)
@thedappermister (boys & girls)
@shopthewildthings (boys)
@mykidskicks (boys, girls & mommas)
@gentlyworn (boys)

4. Browse through shops. When you find an item you would like to purchase, leave the email address you used to set up your Paypal account in the comments section. Always make sure you browse through the comments to make sure that an item is still available. Some shops will delete sold items, but others do not. Also make sure you read each shops policy on additional fees. Some will charge extra for shipping and Paypal fees, others include everything in the stated price. Of course, you can always ask questions if you need more information on an item. Sometimes IG shops use abbreviations in their descriptions. Listed below are a few different abbreviations and their meanings:

NWT=New with tags
NWOT=New without tags
EUC=Excellent used condition
ISO=In search of
IMO=In my opinion

5. The seller will invoice you. You should get a notice via email that the seller has invoiced you, you can click on the link in your email to pay the invoice. It will take you to the Paypal website where you will be prompted to pay the agreed upon amount. The IG shop name is usually different than the sellers Paypal name so keep track of the items you have purchased. For instance, you may make a purchase from @jcloset but when he invoices you through Paypal it shows as John Smith. Just know what items you have agreed to purchase and how much you agreed to purchase them for so you can match them up with your invoices. Many IG shops require that you pay your invoices within 24 hours so make sure you get it paid as soon as you can.

6. The seller will ship your purchased items. Expect to see your items within a week or so, unless otherwise specified.

Some extra little tidbits: IG shops have sales sometimes so just keep an eye out for price reductions. You can show your favorite shops love by sharing their pictures and tagging them. You can also take pictures of the items you've purchased and tag the shops you purchased them from and use the hash tag #igshoplove

I am hoping to set up my own shop pretty soon so I will do a post about starting an IG shop then!
If anybody has any questions or would like to suggest some more shops please comment below.

Here are some of my great finds:



Amy Coe




  1. Hey I would love if you could check out my shop it is @onthebrinkofcouture

    thanks so much!!