What, When, and Why?

What: This blog is going to have a little bit of everything. I plan on writing posts about my son and my experiences so far as a mom, my husband and being a wife, travel, food and recipes, fitness and health, art, tattoos, music, pets, fashion, DIY craft tutorials, and whatever else tickles my fancy!!

When: I will try my best to at least have one post a week, if not more. Eventually, I would like to have a few weekly posts (for example "Monday Meals" or "Fit Fridays") where I post about a specific thing on the same day every week. Of course this is all subject to change depending on how much my little one lets me get done!!

Why: I am starting a blog because I really want to connect with people that share my interests. I am excited to share my advice, tips, and experiences, and I am looking forward to having my readers share their advice, tips, and experiences with me. Another reason I have chose to start this blog is because I am working on bettering myself. 2013 is going to be a great year for my family and I, and I want to document and share all of the wonderful things that are happening in our lives.

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