Dallas at Eighteen Weeks

It was another big week of changes for us! Little man had his first laugh! We've been trying to coax one out of him for weeks now, but it just wasn't happening. His Daddy finally got him to laugh on Thursday and it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard (click here to watch video)!

Dallas also switched from peas to carrots this week and he just can't get enough of them (click here to watch a video of my messy eater)! He has a bottle of prune juice twice a day, to help with some constipation problems he's been having, and carrots mixed with rice cereal for lunch and dinner. He is also breastfeeding every 2 hours or so, so hopefully his weight will be up from his last Doctors appointment. We have the follow-up appointment on Thursday so I am excited to see if anything has changed!

My lil' monkey, or as my Papa calls him, "Munker Bunker," is also becoming better at controlling his body. When you hold him he will reach out and touch your face, I absolutely love it when he puts his little hand on my cheek! He has become so much better at holding his toys and controlling his grasp as well. I enjoy watching him grab and play with his stuffed animals and teethers. He has also become much more squirmy and he loves flailing his arms and legs around! I caught him fist pumping this week and just had to get a video (click here to watch)!

We sure have enjoyed this week with our baby boy and we are looking forward to week 19!

Eighteen Weeks!

Drinkin' that prune juice!


Messy Man!

A Boy and His Dog :)