Dallas at Nineteen Weeks

We had a kind of "blah" week, but still managed to have some fun! I was busy most of the week getting my Etsy shop up and running so Dallas was grumpy because he was not getting as much attention ;)

We didn't have anything major happen this week. Dallas was very talkative and extremely squirmy, even more so then usual. His new favorite things to do include putting his hands in Mom and Dad's mouth, putting his feet in his mouth, and pulling Mom's hair! We managed to get one video of him laughing (you can watch by clicking here) but that is the only laughter we got out of him all week!

We just got home from the beach today and we had a lot of fun there! Dallas went into the ocean for the second time and he loved it! He ate a few mouthfulls of sand and licked plenty of saltwater off of me; it'll be interesting to see what tonight's diaper looks like!

We also got good news from the Doctor this week. Dallas went from 12.4lbs to 13.3lbs in just over two weeks! The Doctor said that he is happy with the weight gain and that everything should be fine! With the way Dallas has been eating I am honestly surprised that he didn't gain more weight!

We are going to finish off this week by having a nice relaxing night at home! Dallas is passed out on me now and when he wakes up it'll be time for him to eat some green beans! I'm going to get off of here now so I can enjoy some snuggle time with my lil man!


  1. Looks like Dallas loves the pants you are selling on your Etsy shop. He is a great model - looking at the snazzy arrow design.

    1. He was very curious about what was on his pants! He kept grabbing at them!