My Etsy Shop Is Open...Finally!!

After a few days of really getting down to business, my Etsy shop, BeegleandBoo, is finally open!! I have had so many ideas in my head for so long and I finally found some time to get them out!
I named my shop BeegleandBoo because those are the silly names that my husband and I call eachother! My husbands name is Ben so I call him "B" and that somehow turned into Beegle and he uses Boo more than my real name! I think that the shop name represents the fun and quirky style that my items have!

In my shop you can find hand-stamped and hand-dyed children's leggings and shirts. I will eventually be adding onesies and maybe even some adult sized shirts to my shop. I hope that you all will stop by and check everything out!

1 comment:

  1. Looks great! Good luck with your online store! Don't forget to interact with other sellers and keep your listings consistent. It might seem tedious, but it all helps in marketing your store so you won't get buried in the listings. And don't forget to promote your store through online social media accounts.

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