Dallas at Twenty-five Weeks

We started out this week with another trip to the zoo! The Honolulu Zoo had a military appreciation day so we got to go for free! We went through a lot quicker this time since we had just gone a few weeks ago, but Dallas still had a good time!

We spent most of our time at home this week since we have been trying to save money for our big trip to the mainland, so Dallas and I took advantage of that and have been working on crawling! He has learned the stance, but doesn't quite get the concept of moving yet! I think we still have another month or so before we see any crawling!

Dallas' teething has been much better this week. I got some teething tablets and gel, but I have only used them a few times. He finally started taking his frozen teething rings and that seems to do the trick! I also made some frozen strawberry yogurt cubes and he loves chewing on those!

Today we played at home and then we went to the park to do our Memorial Day/Twenty-five week pictures. Dallas absolutely loves the park! He is just mesmerized by the trees, water, and people that are around him! I love watching him take it all in!

Since it is a holiday weekend we have Ben home for four days so we're planning on enjoying a nice long weekend together. I'm sure I'll have lot's of pictures to share next week!

Here are some videos of Dallas from this week:
Click here to watch Just Eatin My Puffs.
Click here to watch Fake Cries.
Click here to watch Get the Puff.

He actually fell asleep like this!


Weekly Baby Menu

I have decided to start posting a weekly baby menu. These will be the actual meals that I am feeding to Dallas every day. I am hoping that this might help other parents that are struggling with ideas of what to feed their babies. I have done my research, and the food that I give to Dallas is food that I feel is appropriate for his age which is 5.5 months. If there are foods in the menu that you have not introduced to your baby yet you should give your baby 3-4 days with those new foods to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Feel free to print a copy of the Menu to hang on your fridge!


Dallas at Twenty-four Weeks

We started out this week with a wonderful drive around the island for Mother's Day! Dallas was kind of a crank monster because he does not like being cooped up in the car, so we made a pit stop to eat at a cool little place called the Crouching Lion. I loved hanging out with my little man, husband, and Mom for Mother's Day, it was a perfect day!

Dallas has been getting better and better at sitting up! He's still a little wobbly and has toppled over a few times, but he's starting to remember to use his hands and arms to catch himself. It is so much fun watching him grow and learn new things every day!

We had a play date this week at the Children's Discovery Center in Honolulu with some friends. A lot of the center is more focused towards older children, but they had some play areas for younger babies so it ended up being a lot of fun! I can't wait to take Dallas back there when he's a little bit older!

Dallas has been teething these past few days really bad. I can see two teeth just under the surface on the bottom; they look like they could break the skin very soon! I feel so bad for my poor baby though, he will just scream out in pain and I can't make it better. We have tried teething toys and I even gave him a little Motrin but it's only temporary relief. What have some of you mommas tried to help your little ones while they are teething?

Right now I've got my little man cuddled up with me on the couch so I am going to get off of here and enjoy me some snuggles! I love you Dallas James!


Dallas at Twenty-three Weeks

I'm going to make this a quick post this week, I am a day behind and since it is Mother's Day I would like to spend time with my family and not with the computer lol Dallas' twenty third week of life was a busy one! We hardly spent anytime at home this week! We went walking, played at the park, swam in the ocean, lounged on the beach, and went to the aquarium for the first time. Dallas thoroughly enjoyed all of these activities and you can tell from all of the sleepy pictures I captured of him this week!

I also got several cute videos of him this week! Here he is slobbering all over his Daddy's face, here he is laughing at his silly Daddy, and here he is swinging at the park for the very first time!

Dallas started sitting up on his own this week! He is still a little wobbly and I am always close by just in case he topples over, but he seems to be improving every day! I managed to get his Twenty-three week pictures while he was sitting up! My little guy is growing up so fast, and I love watching him learn and grow! I am feeling very lucky on my first Mother's Day to have such an amazing baby boy to call my son. Love you bubba!


Healthy Hair: No "Poo" Challenge

When I told my husband that I was wanting to try the No "Poo" Challenge he told me that it was not good for me to hold it in lol So for those of you thinking along those same lines let me explain to you that no "poo" is short for no SHAMpoo!

This challenge is all over the blogging community and it seems like everyone is trying it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl! My hair loss from pregnancy was getting out of control so I thought this might help since it is supposed to make your hair healthier. I also have very fine hair, so anything that boasts increased volume, I'm down to try!

The idea of this challenge is to eliminate shampoo from your daily hair care routine. Shampoo strips your hair of oil and dirt which cause your scalp to produce more oil, then you use shampoo to get rid of the oil and it becomes a vicious cycle. By not using shampoo it is supposed to give your scalp a chance to balance out oil production, thus elimimating the need for shampoo.

Most challenges that I had read about suggested trying this routine for 30 days, but some people have actually stopped using shampoo and conditioner indefinitely!  You use 1 tbs of baking soda dissolved in 8 oz of water as a shampoo and 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar dissolved in 8 oz of water for conditioner. I used a small tupperware container for my shampoo mix and a spray bottle for my conditioner. I also hid my shampoo and conditioner in the cupboard so I wouldn't be tempted to use it!

I started this challenge with high hopes because most of the posts I read were raving about increased volume, length, and overall hair health, however I was not impressed with my results. I ended the challenge after about 20 days because my hair became unmanageable, greasy, and smelly! The apple cider vinegar did not condition my hair very well so it was very difficult to comb through. I ended up losing hanfdfuls of hair just trying to comb the knots out. When I blow dried my hair it actually looked decent for a few hours, but eventually went flat and looked extremely greasy. The smell was probably the worst part though. When the apple cider vinegar dries you actually don't smell it that strong, but anytime I got sweaty it stirred up the smell again. I also hated coming to bed at night to hear my husband tell me that I stunk lol

If you are thinking about trying this challenge I suggest you do some research! Like I said, there are plenty of people having success with it, so just look around a bit and see if it sounds right for you!

I love trying new products and regiments for my hair; some things work and some don't! The next thing I want to try is grapeseed oil, I hear it's the magical hair growth oil! I'll let you know how it goes! Feel free to leave any tips or product suggestions below!