Dallas at Twenty-five Weeks

We started out this week with another trip to the zoo! The Honolulu Zoo had a military appreciation day so we got to go for free! We went through a lot quicker this time since we had just gone a few weeks ago, but Dallas still had a good time!

We spent most of our time at home this week since we have been trying to save money for our big trip to the mainland, so Dallas and I took advantage of that and have been working on crawling! He has learned the stance, but doesn't quite get the concept of moving yet! I think we still have another month or so before we see any crawling!

Dallas' teething has been much better this week. I got some teething tablets and gel, but I have only used them a few times. He finally started taking his frozen teething rings and that seems to do the trick! I also made some frozen strawberry yogurt cubes and he loves chewing on those!

Today we played at home and then we went to the park to do our Memorial Day/Twenty-five week pictures. Dallas absolutely loves the park! He is just mesmerized by the trees, water, and people that are around him! I love watching him take it all in!

Since it is a holiday weekend we have Ben home for four days so we're planning on enjoying a nice long weekend together. I'm sure I'll have lot's of pictures to share next week!

Here are some videos of Dallas from this week:
Click here to watch Just Eatin My Puffs.
Click here to watch Fake Cries.
Click here to watch Get the Puff.

He actually fell asleep like this!

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