Dallas at Twenty-two Weeks

We started off the week with a big trip to the commissary and Dallas got to ride in the cart for the very first time! If it weren't for the diaper bag you see pictured below, he wouldn't have been able to sit up! I had to use it to prop him because he just kept leaning to the side lol maybe we'll try again in a few weeks!

 When we were loading up to leave the commissary, Dallas was having a blast looking at himself in the mirror. I kept trying to buckle him into his car seat but he kept sitting up and reaching for his mirror, so we played while Daddy unloaded the groceries!

Later on that day I decided to bring out Dallas' finger paints! He painted a beautiful picture for me to hang on the fridge, but I honestly think more paint ended up in and on him than on the paper! You can watch a video of him painting here.

Finally, after painting Daddy and Dallas got in some snuggle time! I sure do love these boys!

We tried a new food this week. These are the remnants of Okinawa Sweet Potatoes. Dallas seemed to enjoy them and I actually really liked them too (yes, I tried a spoonful of his baby food)! 

After making such a mess with his "purple potatoes" Dallas had to be thoroughly bathed! Like I've said before, he loves being in the water, and he has even more fun when we throw some toys in there with him! Ben does bath time and story time with him every night, and I love that they get that special time together!

I had to take this little sickling to the doctor on Wednesday. He was very congested Tuesday night and started coughing as well. The doctor said that he most likely had an upper respiratory infection. She said that he was too little to be given any meds so we just needed to up the TLC. He had a fever that night, but by the morning seemed to be feeling much better! I hated seeing my little guy sick, but I did enjoy the extra cuddles and this cute "puffy-eyed sick face."

 On Friday night we went to a Toby Keith concert with some friends. He slept through the majority of the actual concert, but had fun watching all of the people running around, and watching the stage lights flash and change colors. 

This week was also Dallas' first week without "paci." I got sick of having to wake up 5+ times a night to put it back in his mouth for him, so I just decided to do away with it all together. Cold turkey. We also got rid of the swaddles so that he could get his hands to his mouth to comfort himself. The first few nights were pretty rough, but he's been getting better every night. He usually stirs around 3-4 a.m.; he'll talk and wiggle around for about ten minutes, but he puts himself back to sleep, then it's up for good by 6-7 a.m. It was definitely worth having a few rough nights in order to get him to sleep through the night without his "paci." Now I can get some good, solid sleep without having to wake up every hour! 

It has been a long week, and clearly little man is exhausted! I'm sure after a good nights rest he'll be up and ready to take on the next week!

Love you Dal Pal!

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