Weekly Baby Menu

I have decided to start posting a weekly baby menu. These will be the actual meals that I am feeding to Dallas every day. I am hoping that this might help other parents that are struggling with ideas of what to feed their babies. I have done my research, and the food that I give to Dallas is food that I feel is appropriate for his age which is 5.5 months. If there are foods in the menu that you have not introduced to your baby yet you should give your baby 3-4 days with those new foods to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Feel free to print a copy of the Menu to hang on your fridge!


  1. Thanks for posting! My boy is so sensitive that it'll be awhile before he gets this variety, but once we do start adding more it'll be inspirational for ideas!

    1. You're welcome! We've been lucky with Dallas, he hasn't had a bad reaction to anything and he has seemed to enjoy everything so far!