Dallas at 6 Months

Dallas has been all over this week! We went to the 50th State Fair, BBQ'd at the beach, went to the Memorial Day lantern ceremony, he watched me build our new patio, had a play date at the pool, and went bowling! Woofda! What a week (no wonder I'm late getting this post up)! I love running around with him and watching him experience new things!

He didn't really hit any major milestones this week, but he has been chatty as ever and has started laughing more. He is sitting up like a pro now and has been doing great with the new foods I've been introducing! We're still working on crawling, but I am starting to noice that he is trying a lot harder to move!

We are really starting to get excited for our big trip back to the mainland! We will be leaving at the end of June and traveling through 4+ states before returning home towards the end of July. I am pretty nervous about flying with Dallas. I'm not worried about how he'll act because I know he'll be good; I'm worried more so about what to bring and how I'm going to pack! Do any of you have any travel tips that you'd like to share? It would be greatly appreciated :)

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