Dallas at Twenty-nine Weeks

Monday and Tuesday we helped Dallas' Uncle Will move into his new apartment. Dallas did so good just playing with his toys while we all worked. He hardly seemed bothered by the lack of attention!

Dallas has been mimicking EVERYTHING this week! If you stick out your tongue, he sticks out his; if you wave at him, he waves at you; if you give him a raspberry, he'll give you a raspberry! I love watching him realize that he can do all of these things!

On Thursday, Dallas went to his first movie! We went to "Now You See Me" and it was a crybaby matinee. They had a changing table in the theatre, the lights were on so you could see what you were doing, and I'm pretty sure the volume was turned down. I felt comfortable taking up three seats, nursing, and I didn't have to worry about Dallas making noise because everyone in the theatre had a child under 5. I strongly recommend checking out your local theatre to see if they have a crybaby matinee. It is a nice treat for baby and mommy/daddy!

Today we are having about 30 people over for a BBQ and Dallas is looking forward to playing with all of his lil buddies! We wanted to have a big gathering before we leave for our vacation (Tuesday) since we are going to be gone for a whole month! We are so excited to go home, but will miss our friends in Hawaii!

Here are some videos of Dallas this week:

Click here to watch Dallas and Daddy Talking.

Click here to watch Jammy Jammy Jammies.

Click here to watch Daddy Shoulder Rides.

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