Dallas at Twenty-seven Weeks

This week Dallas got to go back to the fair to ride the Ferris Wheel and Carousel. He had a blast and loved looking at all of the lights! He also spent time at the beach, the park, and in his blow up pool at home. He ate lots of new foods this week including eggs, pasta, and turkey bacon. He, of course, loved them all!

Dallas has always been a momma's boy, but this week it has been REALLY bad. He cries whenever I leave the room, even if Ben is holding him. Sometimes he won't even go to Ben, he'll just cry until I take him back. I don't mind it too much because I love being with him, but I feel bad for Ben because Dallas cries whenever he is holding him! Poor daddy :(

Dallas had his 6 month check-up on Tuesday and he weighs 15.2 lbs and is 27 in long. The doctor is a little bit concerned about his weight again, but said that since he is so long that it isn't too big of an issue. Dallas eats ALL the time so I don't know how he manages to stay so small! He's got a big Buddha belly, but his little arms and legs are just so skinny like his daddy's. I like to call him my "Buddah Baby!"

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