Dallas at Eight Months

Dallas has developed such a lil personality lately! I cannot believe how much he has grown and changed in the last month! It is so exciting to watch him learn and do new things. He still has not crawled, but he is pulling up on things and he loves to stand (with some assistance of course)! He has been laughing a lot more and sometimes all I have to do is look at him to hear a little giggle! He says "Da-da" now and definitely knows what it means! I have heard him say "Ma-ma" a few times, but I don't think he has associated that with me quite yet.

Dallas Likes:

Baths and water
Eating (constantly)
His puppies
Standing and walking
Being tickled
Being outside
Playing with his toys
Daddy's ears and nose
Cell phones and anything else that light up

Dallas Dis-likes:

Having his face cleaned
Anyone eating in front of him that doesn't share
When mommy leaves the room
Laying on his tummy
Waiting for his food
Wearing sunglasses
Being strapped into a shopping cart
Growing teeth
Being unable to get to something he wants
When his puppies give him too many kisses

Click here to watch Dallas wide awake at bed time--The back story here is that he usually falls asleep the minute I put him in his crib, however, this night I kept hearing noises and seeing arms and legs flailing about whenever I looked over at his crib. He was in his crib having a blast playing with his blanket and being loud as can be!

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