Dallas at Thirty-eight Weeks

Well he's gone and done it! Dallas is officially crawling! He started on Sunday the 18th and is already moving ALL over the place! I am so proud of him and I am happy that he can get to the things he wants without getting so frustrated, not to mention it is possibly the cutest thing EVER! We also had to lower his crib this week because he figured out how to pull up on the railings. We were watching TV in bed one night and I looked over and he was standing up in his crib watching TV with the biggest grin on his face. Needless to say, the tools came out and the crib was lowered the very next day!

Dallas was also pretty sick this week. He had a fever on Tuesday and most of Wednesday. He is still very congested, but has been acting more himself. I never knew a baby could have SO much snot! It's everywhere! Hopefully lil dude will start feeling better this week.

It's been a crazy 7 days and Dallas has changed so much in such a short period of time! Here are some photos and videos from this week.

Click here to watch Dallas on a baby zip line.
Click here and here to watch Dallas crawling for the first time.
Click here and here to watch Dallas laughing with his Daddy.


  1. He's getting to be a little chubster! So cute!