Dallas at Thirty-six Weeks

Oh Dallas, Dallas, Dallas...he has been a handful this week! He has started expressing his frustration and anger with blood curdling screams. If I am not feeding him fast enough or if he can't reach his toys he will ball up his fists and scream until his face turns red. He is going to be a lil firecracker!

We had a lot of fun this week at the beach, the Honolulu Children's Discovery Center, playing with boxes, playing with the dogs, and hanging out with Uncle Will. Dallas' top two teeth have broken through and he started crawling backwards. I feel so bad because he hasn't figured out how to crawl forward yet so when he is trying to go after a toy he just goes backwards and keeps getting farther and farther away. Hopefully he'll figure it out soon!

Click here to watch Dallas getting puppy kisses.
Click here to watch Dallas yellin' for his food.
Click here to watch Dallas givin' his Daddy raspberries.

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