Dallas at Forty-one, Forty-two, and Forty-three Weeks

I'm finally getting caught up with the past few weeks posts. I have just been busy with other things these past few Saturdays and haven't had time to compile everything together. Lil man is doing great! He has changed so much and has gotten so big! He is 20 lbs and 29.1 in long. His hair is really starting to thicken up and he actually gets "bed head" now! He's got 4 upper teeth (2 all the way out and 2 more about half way) and 5 lower teeth (2 all the way out and 3 just breaking through). He has such a lil personality and even though he's only 9.5 months he has quite the lil attitude!

It is true what all of my friends said about enjoying my time before Dallas started to crawl lol now he is into everything! I am constantly chasing him through the house and if I turn my head for a few seconds he is into something that he shouldn't be! Lil stinker! And what is it with babies and dog food? I swear the dog dish is like some sort of baby beacon constantly calling to him! I tried moving it twice now and Dallas always finds it! I'll catch him splashing in the water or holding a fistful of dog food ready to chow down! He is starting to learn "no-no" and will hesitate if I tell him that, but it definitely does not stop him!

Here are some pictures and videos of lil man over the past few weeks:

Click here to watch Dallas clapping.
Click here to watch Dallas throwing a lil fit (You may want to turn your speakers down for this one lol)


Dallas at Forty Weeks

Dallas and I had a lot of fun this week! We tried some new activities like painting in the bathtub and a fun sensory activity with noodles. I love trying new things with him! What kind of activities do you all like to do with your kiddos?

Dallas loves feeling the grass between his toes!

We did some painting in the bathtub, I had to add some warm water because it was kind of chilly! 

Dallas loves playing in his pirate pool!

This was a great sensory activity for Dallas. All I did was boil spaghetti noodles in water with food coloring. After letting the noodles cool in the fridge for a few hours we went outside to play!

Just havin' my morning coffee ;)

No hands...lazy boy!

We had a picnic in the backyard!