Dallas at Forty-five Weeks

I mustache you a question. 

Dallas playing in his new tee-pee.

Painting his pumpkin.

Enjoying some lemonade at the pumpkin patch!


Dallas and Lilly bein' cute!

Mommy and Dallas at the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch

Forty-five Weeks (Dressed up as Bam-Bam for a costume party)

Daddy's re-enlistment ceremony.

Daddy and Dallas.

Click here to watch a video of Dallas bein' goofy! 

Pumpkin Ideas

I just thought I'd share the pumpkins that I painted with y'all! We decided to paint instead of carve this year because in Hawaii a carved pumpkin only lasts like three days lol It turned out to be much easier than carving anyway so that was a plus! I just used acrylic paint, sharpies, stencils, and ribbons for embelishment. I think they turned out adorable and I will definitely be painting my pumpkins from now on!


Dallas at Ten Months

We started off the week with a fun BBQ at the beach with some friends. Dallas had a blast playing with his toys and watching the dogs run around!
On Tuesday we went to another beach and played in the sand and water and fed the birds goldfish :) Dallas is such a water baby and he LOVES being in the ocean!
Today we took a trip to the Children's Discovery Center and Dallas had a blast! It's the first time that we've been there since he started crawling. It was nice to see him being able to choose which toys to play with and which areas to go to. It was also special because Daddy and Grandma got to come with us! They were pretty impressed and I'm pretty sure Daddy had more fun than any of us! It's so much fun being a parent because you get to be a kid again!

Click here to see a video of Mr Man walking with his walker.